We’ve gone two whole weeks without snow now, so I’m guessing the attention I lavished on Winter finally did the trick. 😉 This past weekend while I was in St. Louis journaling about my trip to Salt Lake City a few weeks back, I realized it was time to catch up on some undocumented adventures before launching full swing into this next travel season.

Remember that time I told you that I ate ice cream in Seattle, but didn’t actually tell you about my trip to Seattle? While I hold that ice cream teasers are always justifiable and need no explanation, I think I was waiting to disclose the details of my trip until I had a better reason to give you as to why Seattle – but, like ice cream, it really needs no explanation. So here it is.

Truth be told, I chose Seattle for my girlfriends’ and my annual Labor Day getaway this year because I had never explored the place The Everywhereist calls home. Anyone who knows me is not surprised by that reason. I thought it was time to see what it was that kept bringing my favorite blogger back to Seattle after all her travels (aside from her brilliantly bearded man, of course). It wasn’t hard to figure out.

Guys, you would love Seattle. I mean, anyone who loves Geraldine, coffee, seafood (or any good food for that matter), music, art, fresh flowers, the smell of salt water, beaches, mountains (or anything between beaches and mountains), architecture, design….what was I trying to say here?

If you like anything at all, you’ll like Seattle.

While we were there, a stranger made an astute observation. He pointed out that the four of us girls function as the four points of a compass. We loved the analogy, as it captured the rarity of our bond. We all come from totally different paths of life, have very distinct interests and styles, and our personalities are for sure as opposite as the North and South poles.

Here’s Jadah. Our Northern Star:

Tara is the beauty from the East:

Whitney’s as close to Southern charm as you’ll find in Minnesota:

And I’ll forever represent the West from whence I came:

How often are people gifted with not one, not two, but three friends who love you all the way to your soul and back? Naturally, the only way to signify this bond was to get matching tattoos. I mean, we were in Seattle, guys.

Totally joking, Dad. That’s just a random pic I found online. Unfortunately, we ran out of time to get tattoos because we were too busy (legally) getting high. DAD! I’M JOKING! We just drank coffee. A lot of coffee. (You can find a post I wrote about coffee in Seattle on this coffee blog I share with my mom and sisters.)

We spent four days in the city, and each day was as distinctively different as each girl. We explored Seattle as foodies, typical tourists, nature enthusiasts, and as besties. (Upon re-reading that sentence, I have become grossly aware of the fact that the term “besties” is about as annoying to read as bathroom selfies are to look at. Therefore, I hereby promise to never throw that word into a post again.)

We adventured our way through Seattle as foodies:

We adventured our way through Seattle as typical tourists:

We adventured our way through Seattle as nature enthusiasts:

We adventured our way through Seattle as besties the four points of a compass:

I realize the rare gift it is to journey through life with a group of friends whose magnetism is as beautiful as a compass rose. As soon as I am able to convince Geraldine that she was meant to be part of my inner circle, I’ll have a five point compass rose designed and inked. (And yes, Dad, I promise you’ll be the first to know.)



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