Okay, Winter, You Have My Attention

My friend’s dad recently passed away. When she was diffusing with her two sisters after the funeral, they realized that somehow their dad had convinced all three of them that they were his favorite daughter. I was blown away by the gift this man had left his girls. Somehow he had enough love and attention to make each girl in his house feel like they were the highest object of his affection.

Today is March 5. It was 5° when I woke up. We are expecting 5 inches of snow today, because evidently the half foot Winter dumped on us over the weekend wasn’t enough to get our attention. Evidently the multiple polar vortexes, broken records, and snow days have not given Winter enough satisfaction.

Laying in bed this morning, I started wondering if perhaps Winter was just craving attention.

I have made my affections for Spring, Summer and Fall very clear. I have celebrated the offerings of all three of the other seasons, without making much mentioning of my love for Winter. Perhaps Winter is feeling like a neglected child. Like she is not my favorite and the others are.

In case my oversight is the reason behind this temper tantrum Winter is throwing, I thought I should make my love for her known.

Since I only have one child, I haven’t had practice spreading my love out evenly. I haven’t had multiple objects of affection to convince that they are all my favorite. I haven’t figured out how this works as well as my friend’s dad did. I’m hoping, though, that this apology to Winter and acknowledgement of her beauty and the fun she offers, will suffice and make her stop acting like a bitter middle child. Fingers crossed.


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