In which I tap into my more human-like qualities at Ipsento

Someone asked me over the weekend what I like to eat. HOW DO HUMANS ANSWER THAT? I mean, are static preferences actually a thing? “Mushrooms. I like to eat mushrooms.”

One of the greatest things that separates us from animals is that we have a ridiculous amount of variety when it comes to our grazings. Think of the endless options we have of flavors, textures, and recipes that include bacon. (In case you aren’t typically a link-clicker, allow me to share with you the tagline of that link, The Bacon Show: “One bacon recipe per day, every day, forever.” You just went back and clicked the link, didn’t you? 😉 )

I turn into an animal when asked what I like to drink though. I don’t even think about my answer. It’s an immutable, “Coffee. I like to drink coffee.”

Not only do lack variety in my drink preference, but the way I order it never changes either: “Black coffee, please. Hold the froufrou.”

Don’t get me wrong. I love my sweets. And I love my coffee. I just don’t love them together in the same place at the same time.

That was, until Ipsento.

By observation, Ipsento is a little eclectically decorated house where Bucktown goes to talk theology in foreign accents, drink pour overs made from freshly roasted beans, break all laws of personal space, and, generally speaking, just be hipsters together. As I didn’t fit the demographics, I chose to sit in the front window ironically sipping on The Ipsento — a coconut milk honey latte with a Cayenne pepper kick.

My first sip turned into one of those moments where I’m suddenly proud to be human.


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