Life in the Midwest Tundra

My favorite part of our condo is the floor to ceiling map mounted on my dining room wall. It is a conversation starter when I have company, and a dream starter when Brock and I share our dinners. Each night we dream about where we would go, who we would visit, what we would eat, and the things we would do if we could just jump right into the map. Tonight was the first time our vacation dreams took us off the map and to another planet.

Evidently Mars’ weather is better than this midwest tundra we’ve been living in for the past several days now. I woke up yesterday and checked my weather app:


Feels like -43°. Do the weather guys know that you don’t actually FEEL ANYTHING at -43°? Needless to say, B and I have remained indoors and have spent the hours coming up with creative ways to avoid cabin fever (though fevers and other sorts of raised temperatures aren’t sounding terrible at the moment).

In addition to putting away Christmas and planning out the year ahead, here are a few of the things that have kept us busy indoors these past few days:

  • Concocting magic potions that will turn our neighbor’s annoying cat into a polar bear (We decided a polar bear would be a good option for Brock to ride to school when it starts back up, since cars are not faring too well on roads here these days.)
  • Writing a book of ways to take over (errrr….save) the warmer parts of the world if we make it out of the tundra alive
  • Playing cartographer, and drawing each other maps of where we’ve hidden our buried (button) treasures (By the way, in case of emergency, our maps are hidden in our snow boots. Follow the map to find where we’ve hidden our treasure AND our hot chocolate. We deemed running out of hot chocolate far more dangerous than running out of money and treasure, so there’s an extra hidden stash.)

This arctic weather is crazy I tell you, and it has us doing crazy things–like dreaming of vacationing in places warmer than here–places (planets) 78 million miles FURTHER from the sun than we are!


One comment

  1. Treasure maps and buried buttons? I’m totally on it. Hope your winter dreams freeze into little sparkly snowthoughts that drift through the atmosphere and land on our tropical island where they melt and leave a puddle of B & Cess at our front door. That can happen in tundras I’ve heard.

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