2013, You Were Kind

As you know, I spent about half of 2013 on a coffee break. Now that I’ve finally put my mug down and picked my laptop back up, I thought I’d give you a synopsis of how just kind 2013 was to us.

Brock learned to read.
I learned to write (in HTML).

*Side note: Comparatively speaking, I’m only about as proficient in writing HTML as Brock is in reading English, though.

Brock hosted his first sleep over.
I hosted my first Flag Day party.

Brock got a new sled.
I got a new car.

Brock lost his first tooth.
I had a first date (for the first time in nearly a decade and a half).

One of Brock’s goals for 2013 was to meet his cousin, Ainsley.
It happened.
One of my goals for 2013 was to pay off my credit card debt.
It happened.
(On a single mom’s part-time salary, guys–it’s possible!)

A few other things that happened during my coffee break:

  • I went to 7 festivals, and 7 shows.
  • Brock tuned 7.
  • We adventured in 7 different states (one of which was a new state, as promised in last year’s recap).
  • I discovered 17 new coffee shops. (Did you honestly think I would’ve stopped at just 7?)

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