Festive Play

You know those annoying posts that start out with the, “I’m sorry you haven’t heard from me in forever, but I’ve been SUPER busy” excuse?!

Yeah…this is totally not one of those. First of all, let’s be honest. With the exception of one’s mom, I think it’s safe to assume no one notices or cares about a blogger’s absence. (No offense, super important bloggers of the world.) In addition, my most reasonable excuse for the month’s silence is that I’ve been playing. Unapologetically playing hard.

My festivity made a sudden come back after a couple years in remission. I was lying in bed sick a couple weeks ago. My body had evidently decided to get the year’s worth of ailments out of the way all at once–I had the flu, a double ear infection, and strep (which consequently resulted in my tongue overtaking my mouth, tonsils, vocal chords, and esophagus–makes for a challenging upchuck, let me tell you). While out of commission, something happened though. Something…merry?

Not being able to join the other reindeer in shouting with glee, I instead sat aside and watched as Christmas puked all over my calendar. I let festivity fill every box of every google calendar I have. I didn’t  try to fight it,  just in case the cheer was a fleeting absurdity. Perhaps something drug-induced? After a couple years of endangered festivity, I thought it was best not to risk missing out on the chance to make good of my last name (Merry) while I was feeling it–whatever it was that I was feeling. Merriment was to be had.

As there are six non-routine related things on my calendar(s) in the next three days, I thought today would be a good time to come up for air, and tell you about a few of the places I discovered in Milwaukee during my unapologetic play time this past month.


Honeypie is to comfort foods what Uggs are to sheepskin boots.

Honeypie is Milwaukee flavor, if there ever was such a thing (aside from Old Style, I suppose). The servers can tell you where in Wisconsin their cows were raised, what farm the eggs were collected from this morning, and which wall they got the poultry for your sandwich from. You have to know how excited I was at the discovery that places like this don’t only exist in Portlandia (please stop and watch the linked clip if you have no clue what I’m talking about; you’ll understand so much more about me when you return).

Welcome back. And you’re welcome.

The Third Ward

I have no excuses for having never shared the Third Ward with you. None. Below are pictures of my most recent wanderings through the place, with one of my favorite people to wander with.

I haven’t been to Pike’s Place, and I hear Milwaukee’s Public Market, in the Third Ward, has nothing on it. Perhaps that’s the case, but let me show you some of the reasons I love Milwaukee’s Public Market.

Fresh flowers (with candy and wine tastings in the background).

Fresh flowers (with candy and wine tastings in the background).

Lots of color (with candy and wine tastings in the background).

Lots of candy (with more candy and wine tastings in the background).

And cheese and sausage.

There are numerous noteworthy stores hidden along the streets of Milwaukee’s Third Ward. One of my favorite stores, introduced to me by one of my favorite friends, is hot*pop. If you are at all interested in design, architecture, tattoo art galleries, unique housewares, toys, sports, cooking, games or clothes, you will probably love hot*pop. If none of those appeal to you, skip this next section (and go get help).

Yes, even their bathroom is  noteworthy.

Also noteworthy, Milwaukee’s leaves. And coffee.

Obviously last month’s colors have since been replaced with clouds and cold air. I love, though, that Christmas happens in the winter (at least, in the hemisphere I currently reside in). It gives me an excuse to host festive parties with mulled wine, and attend Christmas song sing-a-longs (with Sufjan Stevens, y’all. Talk about a Merry Christmas!). While I wait for this medicine to work itself out of my system so I can determine exactly how this merriment found it’s way back to my heart, will you let me know where you find your merriment?



  1. All I took away from that was “bourbon butter”. Recipe please. For now I am operating on the principle that I take butter, aaaaand pour obscene amounts of bourbon thereinto?

  2. Ha Sam! That’s what I noticed too. But I have been checking the blog regularly as well..all those viewers in your stats page are me, waiting for your next post. Love, love, love the Mileaukee Public Market! How cool is that?! Love to see you writing again, too. And yeah, this is your Mom.

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