The Sky Is Falling! The Sky Is Falling!

Warning: I’m about to get all dramatic on you (in case the title wasn’t warning enough).

I’m feeling like Chicken Little today. (If you aren’t familiar with that children’s story, I implore you to forget about this silly post and just head straight for the library–it’s the first left after passing the voting polls.)

This week has been permeated by chaos, though. Chaos, I tell you. And it’s only Tuesday.

First, in exchange for one extra hour of sleep on Sunday, I launched into six months of the unsettling feeling leaving work after dark and wondering if I missed my chance to tuck Brock in bed. I may as well have sold my birthright.

Next, I woke up Monday morning and habitually reached for my phone to scroll through the emails and Instagrams I had missed in the night (do I need an intervention, or is this a socially acceptable practice nowadays?) only to find that I had plugged my phone into the cord, but somehow the cord was not plugged into the wall. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME??

Then, upon connecting to the power source, I discovered that while I was sleeping, my MOM MET A PRINCE?!?? (Check out her latest blog post, in which she’s standing on the red carpet with Prince Charles. I know, right? No big.)


Forgive the obnoxious caps lock freak out, but when the sky is falling it’s hard to take anything written in lower case seriously.


One comment

  1. Gulp…I totally reach for my phone each morning to catch up on the ‘news’

    Ps lets Skype soon. There are a lot of Celeste merry Skype names in Chicago. So find me!

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