The Crusoes Conquer Pennsylvania (Vol. 1)

I love the primitivism of tent camping, but the adventure always presents me with this gnawing dilemma. I seem to have an identity crisis every time I go.

I can’t decide if camping gives me an opportunity to tap into the most authentic version of myself –like, I’m some distant daughter of Robinson Crusoe. Or is camping revitalizing in the sense that I am able to escape the most authentic version of myself–like, I’m some distant daughter of Kris Jenner (bahahah…I couldn’t even get through typing that without cracking myself up. The Kardashian comparison has only been made once in my life by a not-so-sober stranger, and I definitely did NOT take it as the compliment it was intended. Buuuuut we’re going to go with it for the sake of this post).

Last weekend as I was driving through the hillsides of Pennsylvania with my son and my tent in the back of the car, I found myself scheming up ways to buy a farm like this one, and become a shepherd:

As was the case, we were actively road-tripping and therefore did not have the time to stop and inquire about taking over the farm. I was concerned that the sun would set on us, making tent set up more of a challenge than what I had prepared myself for. (Okay, I had forgotten the flashlight.) So we drove on.

I think driving through Pennsylvania poses more of a threat than driving while texting does. How was I supposed to keep my eyes on the road with landscape this captivating?

I’m happy to report that we made it to our campsite. Alive. And with just enough light left to get the tent set up. Once set up, we tried settling in for the night.

It was a measly 27 degrees in the tent this night.

Brock and I have a hard time falling asleep in tents. Not because we’re uncomfortable. Not even because we’re cold. It’s because camping makes us giddy. We lay there laughing. About everything. And nothing.

The flash was super bright… 

…which is OBVIOUSLY hilarious.

It’s incredible that after a poor night’s sleep, we always seem to wake up with energy enough to conquer the world.

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Sadly, we were unable to enjoy the fruits of the land after our conquest. Even the Crusoe’s don’t have primitive problem solving techniques for every situation. So as to spare me my dignity (and you, your lunch), I’ll skip the reasons behind why our camping adventure took a turn–straight to the Hyatt Regency Hotel shortly after this picture.

Next post: Kadashians do Pittsburgh.



  1. Your blog is my favorite place to go each day. And I’d feel that way even if I were someone other than…. you know…. (your mom.)

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