In Which I Meet My Grandma’s Boyfriend

(…And Other Tales of Equal Delight.)

My family would probably have done well to invest in a private jet decades ago. This summer, the acquired stamps on the passports of my siblings and parents included countries such as Haiti, Uganda, The Philippines, Mexico, and Thailand. Within three months time, all three of my siblings, each of their spouses, and both of my parents had added to the marked pages of their passports. By the end of the summer I decided it was time to join in on their fun.

The week before Brock started Kindergarten, we boarded the plane for the exotic destination of Denver, Colorado. (And yes, I checked in with my passport. And yes, wrote “Denver” on the next blank page. That’s legal, right?)

Denver holds a special place in my heart. It is where I ran my first official road race, the BolderBoulder. (Also, it’s where I became a mom.)

My brother and his wife now live in the city I loved and left. (Also, it’s where my brother’s wife will soon become a mom.)

There were a few reasons this recent trip was significant:

  1. I was able to celebrate my sister-in-law transitioning into her new role as mom (far more gracefully than I did, if I may add). We celebrated with a high tea.

    My sister-in-law is the goddess with child (front right).

    Being my first high tea, I was under the misconception that celebrating with a high tea meant I would have the opportunity to get high with my sister-in-law while we drank tea. I mean, we were Boulder, guys! I guess I hadn’t thought through the fact that she was pregnant, though. Pregnant and intelligent. The tea ended up being more of an opportunity for me to practice my lady-like manners, which we’ve previously established are meager at best.

    (Did you see me being all lady-like and sipping on tea, Grandma? And you thought I’d never grow up and be a proper lady.)

  2. I was able to spend quality time with my brother and one of my sisters, and their families.

    I have to say, there are no people in this world that I love or respect more than my family. There are also no people in this world that I drink more with than I do my family.

  3. I was able to introduce Brock to people, places, and things that are very important to me.


  4. I was able to love on my sweet baby girl.

    Trin is my only niece (as of right now), and she owns my heart. The whole thing really doesn’t make much sense, as I am not especially fond of kids. Or girls, for that matter.

    But she melts me every time.

As wonderful as the trip was, I do have one regret. I met my grandma’s boyfriend, but DID NOT GET A PICTURE OF THE EVENT!!! Maybe it was because I was caught up in his charm (really, he is a delightful man to be around). Maybe it was because I was distracted by the buffet of soft foods at the assisted living home they reside in. Or maybe it was because I am (still) in denial that my grandma is currently getting more action than I am. Whatever the case may be, I give you my word that I will capture the wonderment of Grandma’s new love next time I am in town.

In the meantime, can we please start looking into a private family jet, Mom and Dad?



  1. I have a picture of him! Grandma sent me a picture of all of you together (which she had made into a postcard) showing me how we missed out. I’ll have to scan it and figure out a way to get it to you. All I can say is it will make you laugh.

    But on another note, we sure missed out, didn’t we?? 😦

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