Best Of (Summer Ed., Vol. 1)

Have I mentioned my disease of over-capturing events? I somehow obtained this illness of turning happy Kodak moments into haunting Kodak memories. I take the moment and add a, “Quick, do that again! I missed it” and then an, “Ohhh…one more time. My camera’s slow” followed by a, “Great! Now, can you smile while you do that?” until the moment of whatever had originally taken place is now a memory of how annoying my attempt to re-capture it was.

Take for example, this:

“Ooooooh! That looks so good, B! Let’s get a quick picture.”

“Erk! You weren’t looking dude! Look at mom and smile!”
“Pleeeeease, Mom! I just want to eat it!” “Fine. We’ll go outside and try to get a picture of both of us eating it out there then.”

“Ummm. Can you at least TRY to look at the camera and not the ice cream, Brock?”

“Seriously, are you even enjoying this?? Why do you look mad? Try smiling while you eat.”

(Yeahhh…I had it coming.)

The poor kid probably will never even remember that he had sprinkles on top of his favorite ice cream from his favorite ice cream shop that afternoon. Thankfully, this unfortunate episode was early in the summer. I eased up on my trigger happy tendencies to ensure a somewhat more memorable summer (and that I wouldn’t have to share another ice cream cone).

Tonight I was browsing through the skimmed down number of 1800 (+/-)  … (okay, +) photos from the past month, trying to figure out which to share from while I was on my blogging hiatus. I decided the only way to solve the dilemma (without losing all readers but my mom), was to post just highlights. The best of’s, if you will.

Best Brunch

I’ll start with brunch, since we all know the best days start with brunching. It was not difficult to choose my favorite brunch selection from this month. It WAS, however, difficult to find the picture amongst the 1800(+) pictures in the summer album. (Would you be surprised to hear that about half of the pictures are of food, or are food related? Don’t answer that.)

Blue’s (Milwaukee, WI) — Smoked Salmon Crepes with Housemade Granola accompanied by a Jalapeño Infused Basil Simple Syrup Orange Juice Concoction (I don’t acutlaly know the name of the beverage, but believe me when I tell you it was such that every word should be capitalized.)

Best Lunch

Aside from the oddity that this next meal was served with a bite taken out of it (okayyy…so that self-discipline thing is still a work in progress. I digress when I have meals like the following placed in front of me and am lunching alone, with no one to hold me accountable for my actions), this “burger” was by far my best lunch of the month.

Uncommon Grounds (Chicago, IL) — Fried Green Heirloom Tomato burger with Herbed Mozzarella and a Garlic Aioli sauce. Don’t even pretend like you wouldn’t have had any more discipline than I did with that dish placed in front of you.

Best Dinner

Lucky Pie’s (Denver, CO) — Marinated zucchini ricotta pizza (and yes, I realize that there are several elements in that small “pizza” claim that could potentially result in me being forced to forfeit my Chicago residency. I’m okay with that.)

Best Place to Take Your Grandma

You may recall my notoriously unreliable sense of direction? Yes, well I was on my way to Home Depot and accidentally wound up in this sleepy little town of cobblestone sidewalks and quaint quilting shops.

As if cobblestone sidewalks and grandma-perfume smelling fountains weren’t enough of a phenomenon, I couldn’t figure out why it was a PERFECT Saturday afternoon, 75 degrees with no humidity, and there was not a soul in sight. The whole thing was just a little eerie.

It was the kind of town that should be spelled “towne,” and only had stores that should be called “shoppes.” I mean, when every shoppe in a towne spells of potpourri, I think it’s safe to say they have earned their “e’s,” yes?

Every time I go into Urban Outfitters, I try to convince myself I’m too old to shop there. Since I don’t believe myself, I instead try to convince the sales people that I’m shopping for a gift for my little cousin in college. The afternoon I spent in Long Grove, though, gave me a taste of the other side of the coin. (Is that even a cliché? Did I make that up? Who tastes coins?!?) It was lovely, and so, so calm. Obviously, I was too young to enjoy the plethora of quilting and tea cup stores, so I pretended to be on a hunt for the perfect gift for my grandma.

Who am I kidding? The towne was great. The shoppes were great. Nearly as great as Urban Outfitters.

But with that, I think I am getting to the point in the post where you are somehow pretending to enjoy reading on behalf of my grandma. Yeah, I don’t know. But I DO know I can’t capture your attention as well as I capture Kodak moments (thank you for the ever so gentle reminder, Sam 😉 ). For that reason, I’ll offer you the second half of the month’s highlights in my next post.


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  1. Tell me there were at least people listening to the blue grass music with you. I hope you weren’t the only one there “listening for your Grandma.”

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