Tuesday’s Tunes

I don’t think it’s just because music is my boyfriend.

If we were to be honest, we’d all have to say that an adventure is incomplete without a soundtrack to accompany it. I mean, really. Do you think about your senior prom without thinking of that N’Sync song your boyfriend very intentionally added to the mixtape that was playing in the car when he picked you up? (And if that insensitive acne-faced nancy used “Bye, Bye, Bye” as a not-so-subtle hint that he was still bitter about using his birthday money on your $50 prom ticket, I’m sorry I brought it up.)

Perhaps my high school memories were a little different than yours, but they still come complete with a motion picture soundtrack. I can’t even see pictures of my senior year without busting out my best rendition of Chicago’s You’re the Inspiration. (Keep in mind, friends, I grew up in the jungle. Trends took a couple decades to find us.)

The tunes surrounding the adventure are what lock it into my memory. For that reason, there is never a time you would open my iTunes library and not see my next “Roadtrippin’ Tracks” playlist in progress. So whether tonight’s adventure includes washing dishes, or a last minute to drive through the night to Pennsylvania to get Oram’s Donuts for breakfast, I will never be underprepared when it comes to it’s music.

Portions of this week’s mix of new and recycled tunes:

  1. I Belong In Your Arms (Chairlift)
  2. High For This (Ellie Goulding’s magical cover of The Weeknds song) 
  3. Phone Sex (Blood Diamonds feat. Grimes) Classy title, I know. But let’s give our Northern Neighbors some credit for this collaboration. Blood Diamonds with Grimes?? Brilliant. And inspired by Korean pop music?? (Insert descriptive word that means brighter than brilliant.)
  4. Only the Horses (Scissor Sisters) I haven’t been able to get enough of this song for the past couple months, so it keeps showing up on my weekly mixes.
  5. Bells (The Naked and Famous)
  6. Zombie (The Cranberries) I recently tweeted that I had a very short list of things I wouldn’t do to hear this song performed live. Within days, I heard a cover band perform the song (another story for another time, but let me tell you — oh my my, will it be worth the wait). Until then, enjoy the original with me.
  7. King and Lionheart (Of Monsters and Men)
  8. Good As New (Vacationer) This song will make you happier than actually going on vacation would. And it’s only $0.99 on iTunes. Win win.
  9. Semi-Charmed Life (Third-Eye Blind) I accidentally stumbled on this song from my past this week.
  10. I’m Writing a Novel (Father John Misty) There is so much about this song that makes me laugh. Someday when we’re sharing a cup of coffee, I’ll share those things with you. For now, I’ll just share this with you:  (For the record, I don’t actually share my coffee.)
  11. Stay (Shakespears Sister) I’m on this creepy kick of liking things that are–well, creepy. This song encapsulates all that is creepy. In the most fantastic way. But let’s be honest. Nothing screams creepy more than the early 1990’s anyway.
  12. You’re the Inspiration (Chicago) I had to end with a piece of nostalgia. In fact, I think I’ll go put on the vinyl and belt out my best rendition of this while I finish up my dishes and load up the car.

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