As I mentioned in my prior post, I’ve come to realize there are some surprising things in life that I will just never understand.

For example, I will never understand people that actually pursue the occupation of dog grooming. I’m sorry, grooming enthusiasts. I just don’t get you.

Also, I may never understand Madison, Wisconsin.

Take, for example, Madison’s most popular brunching diner. The diner’s name may be the only part of the establishment that makes sense to me:

As the name would suggest, this dairy bar comes complete with milk on tap.

After reading through the 1950’s menu on the wall, I was handed the real menu and informed the wall menu had been discontinued. (Really? Because the three pancake special on the wall that I was interested in was listed for 45¢.)

What took me by surprise was when The Dairy Bar’s menu offered me health food. Creative health food at that. I ordered a buckwheat apple raisin pancake with orange slices to squeeze over the top. As it turned out, I wasn’t at all disappointed to miss out on the classic syrup-slathered pancakes listed on the wall (though the listed price would’ve been nice).

From brunch, I had to run a quick errand for a friend to pick up some hair product. I found the quaint little Aveda salon I was looking for downtown, right where I would expect it. Next to the rundown tackle shop.

Independent organic white coffee roasters next to Starbucks. Cheese curds sold at boutiques. The list of “huh??” finds continued throughout my day. (Just wait for my post about Ella’s Diner. I’m dedicating an entire post to this house of nightmares, because it is just that weird. Or that great. I still haven’t made up my mind.)

I finally ended the day at the one place in Madison I DO get. This place:

That’s right. The Mouse House.

Would you judge me if I told you I have, in recent past, made the two hour drive to Madison JUST to get fudge from The Mouse House? (If you answered yes to that, we probably wouldn’t be friends in real life.)

I have not found an indulgence (in the form of soft chocolate) as spectacular as that offered by The Mouse House.


This friendly establishment offers a daily special (more accurately stated, same special offered daily) of “Buy one pound, get a half pound free”, so what’s a girl to do?

I’ll tell you what this girl does. I take that pound and a half of fudge back to my car, one thing leads to another, and before you know it, I only have one pound of fudge left to share by the time I get home. You’d be amazed how easily a half of pound of fudge goes down. They even wrap the half pound separately so you feel better about presenting the one pound of fudge you just brought back to share.

I’ve resolved that I don’t need to understand Madison when it always leaves me satisfied.


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