My last couple weekends have been spent wandering the streets of Milwaukee, Madison, and Minneapolis. (No, the alliteration was not planned. I would love to plan an adventure solely on alliteration someday though. My itinerary would look like this: Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Madrid….THE MOON!!)

I’ve spent a lot of time in these three cities, but I have to say that Milwaukee is the one that never ceases to both surprise me and not surprise me at the same time. (I know. Try to stay with me here, because it’s not even making sense in my own head yet.)

I expect Milwaukee to offer me bowling alleys and drive-ins. I expect bald beer-bellied men walking around the sidewalks with a can of PBR in hand at ten in the morning. I expect diners that look as sketchy as they smell (curdled milk, perhaps?).

My expectations are consistently met. Exceeded, even.

What I don’t expect are boutiques where you can find $4 vintage silk polka-dot pajamas that would even make Betty Draper jealous. I don’t expect some dairy delight magically whipped up in the kitchen of that sketchy diner and served to me looking like this:

I don’t expect Milwaukee to make me want to come back for no reason. Like, to visit it on purpose. But it does. Every time.

Here are a few of this visit’s surprises:

And a couple of the not-surprised-at-alls:

I have to admit, I love a good surprise. So until the moon is a feasible option for my weekend wanderings, I’m thankful to have such surprisingly enticing cities nearby.


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