I’ve been adventuring in Wisconsin this weekend (more on that later). I just had to push pause on the activities to share this with y’all.

As is often the case, I got quite lost while in search of my destination this afternoon. (Yes, even in this age of the fancy phone, I still get lost on a regular basis.)

Getting lost was possibly the best part of my day! Look what I stumbled upon. THIS ACTUALLY EXISTS!


Like, someone ACTUALLY lives here! I know this because I heard music playing inside. It must’ve been too loud for them to hear me knock at the door, hoping to ask them if they were looking for a roommate with a 5-year-old son. Since they didn’t answer the door, I just kept walking around their house (I know, not at all creepy-stalkerish. What do they expect with yard decor like this though??)

This accidental detour is by far the greatest one I’ve encountered (with the exception of the time my sister and I didn’t realize we were lost until hitting the Mexico border). I didn’t have anyone in the car to share the experience with this time, so I needed to stop and quickly blog it. 🙂


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