June Day

June Day. Doesn’t quite have the ring that May Day has to it. I’m having a hard time believing that it’s already June. May flew by, so I thought I’d summarize with my top three May memories before we jump any farther into June.

Mother’s Day — By far my highlight of the month. I already posted about the day, so I’ll just give you a couple visuals as to why it was so great–like you need visuals to convince you of it’s greatness when I throw in words like pickles and cupcakes.


St. Vincent — If you’ve never had the experience of watching a petite little porcelain doll like Annie Clark dive off the stage and crowd surf while maintaining poise and screaming out lyrics to a song like “Krocodile”, you need to add it to your bucket list.


Demand a Change — Something you will learn quickly about me is that I am passionate about sex trafficking. (I really need to find a new way to say that.) I spend a lot of my time, energy, resources, and sleepless nights devoted to trying to do my part, little as it may be, in abolishing the atrocity of people buying other people. One of my favorite organizations, and one that I have had the privilege of working alongside with, is MATTOO. This month I spent a weekend in The Twin Cities (where the MATTOO headquarters are) where I was able to participate in an awareness event, called “Demand a Change”. Read more about the organization and the event here.

I’d say it’s a pretty good month when I have a hard time narrowing the highlights down to my top 3.


One comment

  1. Wow, Cess. If I didn’t know you before, I’d do everything in my power after reading this blog to meet the incredible young woman who can write a common rainbow, cupcake, or flea market into an adventure and such. Keep writing. The world needs your eyes, your heart, your voice, and your joy.

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