Farmers Markets and Festivals

It’s my favorite time of year. (Stick around though, because I’ll say the same thing come Fall. And then again come Spring.)

I love the fleas’ and farmers’ markets, and the festivals that show up with the warmer midwest weather. Chicago knows how to distract you from the nearly unbearable summer humidity with their festivals.

This past weekend we hit our first 98° day, and I didn’t even notice. I had a free day to do some weekend wandering. It happened to be the opening weekend of Chicago’s Randolph Street Market Festival. I could spend all day (meaning, I DID spend all day) perusing the booths of vendors that had perused the country in search of the finest antiques and vintage items to sell to me.

Here are a few of my favorite booths:

Okay, so the more I look at these pictures, the more I realize my romanticized idea of the trinkets and treasures may very well have been some vendor’s idea of clearing out her grandma’s garage to the first sucker who walked by ogling over nostalgic looking rolling pins. Call me a sucker.

With all the romantic rolling pins and apron shopping, it was only appropriate that I stopped for some good old fashioned comfort food. Silver Cloud was just the fix I was needing. I sat outside next to the mural that read “Food like mom would make” while eating rosemary crusted hash browns that my mom would never have made.


My weekend wanderings turned out to be a perfect kickoff to another Chicago summer–one of my three favorite seasons to live in the Midwest.


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