A New Adventure

For years now, I’ve avoided every urge I’ve had to start blogging. Truth be told, I’ve really only had one reason to suppress that urge. My mom. Ridiculous? Perhaps. But it’s the truth.

My mom has been a pioneer on social networks since most of them were conceived. She is highly sought out: friended, subscribed to, and completely linked in. I should probably be ashamed to admit this, but she was tweeting before I had even heard of Twitter. In fact, I think the only social network I had the upper hand on was Facebook, and that was because I joined Facebook when you still had to be a college student to join. (I will argue to my death, though, that the sole reason my mom went back to grad school was to acquire the student email account necessary to join Facebook at the time.)

My mom is an intimidating woman. She does a lot, and does it well. Having a writer for a mother has been my primary motivation to avoid a career in writing. Because of my childhood resolve to never follow in my mother’s footsteps, I subconsciously made the decision a long time ago to avoid the title “writer”.

Writing is the means by which I navigate my world. A close friend once told me that I always seem to process life with a pen in hand. It’s true. And until recently, I’ve kept that processing to myself, in my journals, or guest posts, or ghostwriting. I’ve decided, though, that it’s time to come out. It’s time to start documenting my adventures. (I’ll explain more about my addiction to adventures in later posts.)

Today marks the start of a new adventure: blogging. You’re welcome to join me in my journey. My only rule is that you don’t ever ask me for the link to my mom’s blog.

Welcome aboard.

For the record, my mom and I actually have a great relationship. That childhood resolve thing didn’t work out so well for me. As it turned out, I became just like her in a lot of ways. Good and bad. She’s pretty amazing though, so I don’t mind. 😉


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